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Lifetime Warranty Windows

Double Hung Window


Color Options

  • WhiteWhite
  • TanTan
  • WhiteDriftwood
  • Light WoodgrainLight Woodgrain (interior only, white exterior)
  • Dark WoodgrainDark Woodgrain (interior only, white exterior)

Grid Options

  • White FlatWhite Flat
  • White SculpturedWhite Sculptured
  • Tan FlatTan Flat
  • Tan SculpturedTan Sculptured
  • Driftwood FlatDriftwood Flat
  • Driftwood SculpturedDriftwood Sculptured
  • Woodgrain SculpturedWoodgrain Sculptured
  • Brass SculpturedBrass Sculptured

Grid Patterns

  • ColonialColonial
  • CrossCross
  • DiamondDiamond
  • PerimeterPerimeter
  • PrairiePrairie
  • VictorianVictorian

Limited Lifetime Warranty

A comprehensive warranty covers vinyl, hardware, screens and insulating glass units on all Reflections 5500 Windows.

Casement and Awning

5500 Casement (side-hinged) and Awning (top-hinged) windows feature a multi-point locking system that secures the window at multiple points through one, easy-to-use handle. The new Colonial Casement offers all the benefits of a Casement window with the look of a hung unit.


5500 Slider windows can be ordered in a 2-lite or 3-lite (1/3-1/3-1/3 or 1/4-1/2-1/4 configuration) design and glide effortlessly on self-lubricating Celcon rollers for smooth movement.

Geometric Shapes

Bay Window


Form and Function
When it comes to lasting dependability, Reflections 5500 windows are strong one-piece units coupled with innovative design fetures to ensure dependable performance year after year.
Fusion-welded Construction
Frames and sash feature mitered, welded corners for airtight construction.
Lap-Lok Meeting Rail
On Douple Hung windows, the patented, unique meeeting rail overlaps and interlocks both sash into a tight formation around fin seal weatherstripping to better protect against air infiltration.
Stainless Steel Constant Force 3/4" Coil Spring Balance System
Double Hung sash are lowered and raised with ease by a tightly wound, non-corrosive coil spring - guaranteed to never need adjustment.
Denny Clip Pivot System
The unique disc-shaped clip on the pivot bar locks securely into the base of the coil spring balance - ensuring the sash raises and lowers easily.
Simonton Sill
A triple-stepped, sloped sill design is angled in a downward direction to force water away from the window. Compared to the traditional sills, this design makes it difficult for water to penetrate the home during driving rains.
Integral Screen Tracks
All screen tracks are molded into the frame of the window to provide a smooth appearance.
Extruded Screen Frames
Screen frames are extruded for increased rigidity.
Contoured Extruded Lift Rails
Ergonomic lift rails are molded into the sash itself for lifetime performance.
Flush-mount Tilt Latches
Low-profile tilt latches are easily accessible and provide a smooth interior appearance.
Color-matched Glazing
Exterior color-matched glazing around the window pane offers a smooth transition between the glass and sash frame.
ProSolar Soft Coat Low E Glass
Standard on 5500 windows, ProSolar glass increases thermal efficiency providing an excellent U-value of .33" and Solar Heat Gain Coefficient of .29".
Double-strength Glass
Optional double-strength glass refers to the thicknes of the glass pane and offers increased resistance to damage.

Intercept Spacer System

Standard on 5500 windows, the unique Intercept spacer system is constructed of tin-plated steel in an original U-channel design. Steel is 70% less conductive than alluminum which reduces the transfer of temperatures from the exterior glass pane to the interior. Because of the U-channel design, a major conduction path across the top of the spacer is eliminated. This results in an interior glass surface temperature seven percent warmer than windows using a traditional system. Additionally, the U-channel flexes with the glass as it expands and contracts, keeping the seal intact and allowing less opportunity for breakage. As an added thermal barrier, a rubberized sealant surrounds the spacer to prevent direct metal to glass contact.

Super Spacer

For the greatest thermal spacer performance, Super Spacer is available on Freflections windows. Made of non-metallic solid silicone foam, Super Spacer does not conduct energy as quickly as aluminum or steel spacers. As a result, conduction and condensation rtes achieve all-time lows and interior glass surface temperatures average 29 percent higher thn traditional aluminum spacer systems. Additionally, the solid silicone foam offers flexible strength, virtually eliminating stress cracks and ensuring the I.G. unit retains its airtight seal.

Weather Seals

The 5500 design showcases dual fin seal weatherstriping around the sash perimeter, and triple weatherstripping at both the head and sill for eaven greater protetion agains the outside elements. In addition, a tri-durometer closed cell foam weather seal located at the sill area is solid, providing a high-performance weather barrier in harsh conditions.

Energy Star

Energy Star

Simonton Windows has become an Energy Star partner to help homeowners choose the best window system for their needs. For optium performance, Reflections 5500 windows meet Energy Star guidelines in all areas of the country with standard ProSolar soft coat Low E glass and an Argon gas fill.

ProSolar Soft Coat Low E Glass

To better accomodate homeowner needs, Simonton has developed ProSolar - our unique soft coat Low E coating. This advanced Low E technology helps homeowners save money on energy bills all year long by providing an excellent U-value of .33 an Solar Heat Gain Coefficient of .29.

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